Saturday, October 6, 2012

Freelance . . .

This is something new for me.  I've never just written straight onto my first blog, Meditations of My Heart.  I've always planned in advance.  Composing on Word what will be posted days later.  Letting the words marinate and flavor before the final product is delivered.

Something new . . .

Just letting thoughts flow, right here and right now . . .

The musing part of the moments in life.

So, in faith, and with thanks, here we go . . .

Cool, refreshing breeze this evening reminds me that the Georgia football game is only a game.  This, too, shall pass . . .

A phone call from my son when there's no emergency and all is well.  How could I be more blessed?

Watching the birds at the feeder, hearing their cheerful calls harmonizing with the chirruping cries of the squirrels.  My deck becomes a place of worship.

I read amazing posts by talented writers.  My heart swells.  My soul is enlightened.  I learn and I grow.  They lift me up.  God lifts me up . . .

In a hurry to get errands run, my daughter and son-in-law with Virginia in tow can't stay but a few seconds to collect some things from me.  From the front porch, I wave and greet my sweet granddaughter.  She waves back and smiles with unadulterated love washing over her face.  Love that washes over me . . . Be still, my heart!

Reconnecting with high school friends on Facebook who seem to remember me, too.  Wow!  How amazing you are!

Excited to be going to Danny's 40th high school reunion this week, and turning new friends into those tried and true.

So, what are your thoughts about your week?  What have you experienced?  What miracles have you witnessed?  

Would love to hear from you in the comment section.  Please share! :)


  1. Oh, Martha! ~

    This is wonderful! Although, I enjoy the thought and planning going into your Meditations of the Heart posts, this is so refreshing and in the moment! Thank you!

    I'm having an amazing weekend with my angels visiting. I don't know that anyone looking in at me would notice a difference, but being in here looking outward I see big shifts going on!

    One everyday miracle after another unfolds and I'm fully present to these powerful reminders that the physical reality we see is only the very tip of the ice berg. I needed this faith refresher!

    Thank you for sharing yourself in such an authentic and spontaneous way! I'm falling in love with you all over again! XOXOX

  2. Oh, my dear Linda, thank you for responding and for sharing your experience with the angels. They are here and continue to visit, of that, I am sure!
    I think those same angels inspired me to roll off the cliff, take a chance, and assured me I wouldn't bruise my heel upon a stone.
    I'm rejoicing with you, that the weekend with the angels is shifting and changing your perspective, that you might bring your honest and loving insights to others. We need to know! Need to rest in the promise!
    Blessings to you, dear friend!

  3. Wonderful reflections here. Nice to be impulsive sometimes to see you can surprise yourself.

    1. Thanks so much, Janu! I really had fun just letting loose and letting go. Must have needed it! :)

  4. I am so glad to read you writing here so freely. There are so many thoughts and experiences to share...

    I have two distractions already off my mind: going to the art exhibit and blogging about it and next is our neighbor's baptism schedule.

    I shared Ann Voskamp's 7 Gifts assignment to the children for the whole week (*and we'll continue til December). I also saw them very happy celebrating the mass Sunday afternoon.

    I'll write about one miracle when I'm ready :)

    Lots of love and thank you for allowing me to count my blessings in your page...

    Together in love and prayers always!

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa!
      Yes, sometimes the heart and mind overflow and we simply have to run with our instincts. Loved your post about the art exhibit and hope you will write about the baptism, too. Would love to hear about it!
      Oh, and how could I not look forward to hearing about the miracle! :)
      Love and prayers right with you!

  5. My thoughts are consumed with the images I am STILL working on from Europe lol. They do remind me how lucky I have been and continue to be !! I love your attitude about life, so positive, so refreshing. Have another great week coming up !!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by, Jim!
    Wow! I can only imagine how many spectacular photos you have from your recent trip, and can't wait to see them on-line soon. The Eiffel Tower ones were indescribably amazing!
    As for my attitude? I can't help it. Born an optimist! And, love to bring the positive to others.
    You have a splendid week, too!

  7. Oh what a lovely post! I enjoyed reading about your week, Martha and how you recognized that these events are all blessings! The more you recognize your blessings, the more they come to you. :-)

    I am in a better mood today as compared to last week, thank God! And I am back to working out, which I didn't get to do last week because I felt so down. All the bad things do pass and we should always remain hopeful that there is a rainbow after the storm. :-)

    May you have another blessed week, Martha! ❤❤❤ :-)

  8. Thanks so much for dropping by, Irene. Glad you enjoyed this "different" kind of post. :)
    And, I'm so relieved that you are feeling better about everything. Working out really can improve our mood and overall well-being.
    Stay focused on the rainbow! May your week be a blessed one, too!

  9. I feel I'm sitting on your porch with me while you tell me about your week, Martha. :)

    1. Thanks, Corinne! I wish we could share a front porch. :) So appreciate you stopping by today, my friend.
      Blessings always!

  10. I'm blessed to be around happy people who count their blessings. :)