Monday, May 22, 2017


Lies in my holy name
As if I give permission
For divination blatant
Idolatry reminiscent
Of the first betrayal
When I looked, I searched
I sought the naked souls
Who, in their shame, ran
For cover before All-Knowing
Eyes and ears and mind and soul.
Only I Am makes them whole!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life Line

This poem emerged from the trauma of having to administer at-home antibiotics to my husband, Danny, after his latest surgeries to remove an infected pacemaker, and replace it, on the other side of his chest, with a new one.

Sanitized hands poised and ready
Alcohol swab held tentatively
Scrub the hub, scrub the hub
Eyes closed momentarily
Remembering the brief instructions
A second's breath held; the blame
If mistake is made, means every
Stride from there to here, negated
Fit and tighten; tighten - pump
Detach, attach anew the healing
Bulb of balm for soul infected
Wait it out.  Wait.  Wait.
Time's up!  Loose the bonds!
Scrub the hub, scrub the hub
Inject the cleansing element
Infuse the sealing cure for all

May Jesus "scrub our hub" and make us all ready and willing for His cleansing cure!