Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Moment - September 13

What's Number One?  The weekend, of course!

Hoping everyone has a wonderful one!

(Yes, a bit blurred, but it's hard to capture Virginia when she's dancing.)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Snippet Sunday - September 8

Before I present today's snippet, here is an overview of The Glade Series:

Spending the summer at Grandpa Will's farm with his family is the last thing ten-year-old Davy Murray wants.  How will he survive without his friends, the pool, and his computer?  There isn't even a television at Grandpa's house!  Doesn't anyone see how miserable he will be?

In his frustration, Davy turns his anger on his mother, Kate, his sister, Anna, and especially his stepfather, Jim.  Davy is determined to make their summer as dismal and disappointing as he believes his will be.

But, then, Davy has a most surprising and unexpected encounter . . . one which will change his heart, and his world, forever . . . 

This snippet is taken from A Trip, A Tryst, and a Terror, Book One of The Glade Series which you can order here.

As fatigued as they were, the three never slowed nor faltered until the welcome sight of the Fairchild's pickup truck parked comfortingly by their cabin was in view.  It was then, as if in one accord, they broke into a run.  Maggie barked enthusiastically at the sudden increase in pace as if she was worried that she couldn't keep up with them.  Her herald beckoned Bob Fairchild to his front door before they even reached the steps.

"Kate!  Kids!  What's wrong?  Where's Jim?"  Bob cried out in alarm as he hurried to meet them.

Just then, two gun shots rang out, disproportionately magnified as the echoed against the surrounding mountain sides.  Uttering a cry of anguish, Kate collapsed to the ground.
I hope you enjoyed this excerpt.  As I take Sundays off from the internet, I will respond to any comments first thing Monday morning.  Blessings, everyone!