Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Daddy

I am here, but you don't know me;
Just another caring face 
Facing yours.  Hands reaching.
Can I touch?  Can I embrace?
You quiver at the slightest touch,
As my mind wills redeeming grace,
I behold a bud to bloom.
You let us know when there is room
For understanding, delving deep
Into your soul, the one God keeps.
Hold my hand, my Daddy, trust!
This is the gift you give to us . . .

As many of you know, my family and I are struggling with my Dad's condition with advanced Alzheimer's.  Please feel free to share this with others who are going through or who have gone through the pain of losing a loved one to this horrific illness.  May these words bring you hope and peace and closure . . .