Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunday Snippet - August 25

Today's Snippet comes from Book 2 of The Glade Series, Children in the Garden.  To make the passage more meaningful, know that Grey, True Squirrel of the Old Ones, is visible and audible only to ten-year-old Davy.  That is until . . . 
Hope you enjoy!

It was then that Grey did a most incredible, unimaginable thing.  He leapt off the rail and raced down the aisle of the church for the front doors.  As he flew by Davy, he smiled and said, "Watch!"

Within seconds, pandemonium ruled.  Women screamed and men hollered as a seemingly crazed, larger-than-life squirrel dashed headlong down the center aisle aiming right for the pastor.  Without a break in momentum, he leaped for the pastor's chest and knocked him soundly onto his hind parts.  Not an alarming inch away from the man's nose, Grey whispered, "Love and grace, my brother, love and grace."

Pastor Williams emitted a pitiful moan and passed out.  Before anyone could apprehend him, Grey dashed through the door he had entered with the choir and vanished, it seemed to all, into thin air. 

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Snippet from The Glade Series

This snippet is from Book 1 in The Glade Series which is featured here.  All three books are available through my website.  Make sure your volume is turned up to hear some soothing Celtic tunes.  Happy reading to you!

Davy's birthday was July 1st, a whole month away.  Memories of previous years' celebrations flashed instantaneously before his eyes:  pool parties (hosted by Uncle Frank and Aunt Jane, of course); movies; putt-putt golf, sleepovers where no one actually went to sleep but competed in video games until dawn.  These all had one component in common:  friends!  This birthday, there would be no friends.  The thought of spending his eleventh birthday in the company of a whiny sister, a mom who didn't care how he felt, and a step-father who rated one rung lower than pond scum was too much for Davy to bear.

"It won't be fun for me!"  he shouted at Jim.  "Nothing about this summer will be any fun for me!  Do you hear me?  NOTHING!"

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