Friday, April 25, 2014

Dreaming Tree

Dreaming tree
Tree of Life
Tree of Knowledge
Tree of Reminder
To never cease to dream,
To imagine,
To let God in
When feelings taunt
He is not present.
Dreams affirm He Is
Ever, forever, always . . .
Let Him in,
Let Him in.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trust In Me

Tired, worn
Heart torn . . .
What do I do?
Nothing?  Really?
That's the answer?
I need more.
Nothing?  Why?
Where are answers?
Where is peace?
Illusive joy?


All is joy
When with me
You rest and breathe,
Trust and follow.
Thinking ceases.
Knowing begins.
Trust and follow .  . .

Trust in Me.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear Mom

 My Mom at our wedding.  So beautiful!

Thinking you can endure
The impossible, you take your stand.
Brave?  Yes.  But, necessary?
When this moment begs more
Than a cursory format passed
Along to others.  We live
Within requirements given.
Have we not paid the price?
Are we not bereaved?
Are you not grieved?
"I cannot cry.  I just can't."
"Mom, please, let it out!"
With you, we are united,
One heart and soul and mind,
To claim the peace and glory
Of the Lord . . . He's there.
Grieve, cry, and mourn,
Then, celebrate the passing
Of the one you love,
The one God chose for you;
The one and only love
Your heart has ever known.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coming Home

Coming home from the cabin,
Blessed cabin in the mountains
Where time stands still.
Nothing matters but being
In the moment.
Being . . .
The journey home,
Where everything matters,
When doing demands the thoughts,
Forget not the cabin,
And, the promise
Of life and love
The present is illusion.
The eternal lives
In the cabin.