Friday, November 1, 2013

To This Point . . .

I know God has led me to this point, the one of giving Meditations of My Heart a rest, and choosing to focus upon fiction writing.  But, I would be less than honest if I said this is an easy turn to take.  It's taken long years to build up a following.  I feel as though I'm in withdrawal.  Oh, how I long to connect with you all through what has become my comfort zone, my devotional blogging, my portal through which my thoughts and feelings so satisfyingly meld with yours!

God bids otherwise.

I don't recall if I've shared this with you before, dear readers, but when I first finished my novel, now a three-part series, I thought, "Good!  I'm finally done!"  But, I couldn't let go of the story that wouldn't let go of me.  Within a week, I found myself immersed once again with the Hunter/Murray/Fairchild clans and The Old Ones, typing away blissfully until returning, reluctantly, to the rigors of teaching which bade me leave it rest for the moment.

That moment turned into three long years.  I was discouraged.  How could I push on with a sequel without knowing that the initial novel would be published?  I simply didn't have the heart to pursue it at the time.  

Now, that their publication is, indeed, a reality, I am, gladly and gratefully, at the point where I can begin again.  Editing that early writing; honing and viewing it with a critical and circumspect eye.  Praying, once again, for God's advice, through His Holy Spirit, to guide me in all of it.

All. Of. It.

I've already added to chapters, rewritten, edited, and will have to add to formerly written chapters again.  In doing so, I realize I need not to simply trust in an installment, I need to write the entire story before daring to break it into sections as I did in The Glade Series.  That was a completed book and my gift was the luxury of editing in this fashion.

Not now . . .

It's all, or nothing.  God lets me know that time can be my friend.  Assures me that my feet are set upon His right path, in this time, in this place, and in this moment.

Our Lord does not make mistakes.

We do.

I pray I'm listening to Him and following His will and His ways in this latest venture.  After all, I love it when He chooses to sit by my side as we create together.  No words can express that thankfulness!

But, I know He will give me the words I need for our journey together.

He will . . .


Are you listening to God?  Trusting in Him to speak to you?  Asking Him to validate the vision which is your life?


  1. I am kind of at that kind of crossroads myself in my writing. I recently won a writing contest for a haiku of all things. I had never written one before. It was all new. Kind of like fiction is a new realm to explore. Still more and more, I have been leaning more and more to that kind of creative writing instead of the rambling I have always done in the past. So I too am on a different path. I am not sure where it will end up...but I am trying to do as He wills for me. If that makes any sense! LOL It really is like a journey and coming of age.

    1. Kathy, it does sound like God is moving you in a different and positive direction with your writing. It's okay to not know where or how things will all end up, but writing is indeed your gift and one which the Lord wants you to pursue.
      Oh, and congratulations on winning that contest! Fantastic! I haven't written haikus in quite a while, but I do love them.
      Blessings always!

  2. I am certain God will lead the way and provide the much-needed clarity and creativity for your projects Martha. I've been focusing on listening more to Him and allowing God to be a greater part of my life. I know that we're regularly communicating and am thankful for His attention and guidance. There have been times in writing when I've looked back on the writing and wonder how I wrote that, or what inspired me to write something. And I don't have to look very far to realize the Creator's work in my work:)

  3. The Creator IS at work in you and through you, Vishnu, that is for sure and certain. There is no better place to be aside from focusing on Him and opening our hearts and minds to the possibilities He has for us.
    Thanks so much for visiting!
    Blessings to you!